Bodywork Forms


  • After you sign up for your first appointment, I will email you a secure adobe document to complete.
  • Use tab to move to each question. Check boxes manually.
  • If you have a ipad/tablet you could color your pain areas, otherwise we can do that in office. Also, you can print it and bring it in.
  • When you are finished, click ‘Submit Form’

RELAX Intake Form:

This means you have no pain and you want to receive a “Traditional Thai Massage.” It’s literally “Lazy mans yoga”! This is great for athletes and anybody wanting to chill and get stretched and compressed.

CTB Intake Form:

You will choose this form, if you have some sort of pain that cripples you or nags you. Something that hinders your your abilities in your workouts, jobs, or just being a human. Let’s get to the bottom of that…