Client Feedback

    Client Feedback for Freedom Bodywork

    Please be candid and direct -- this will allow Heidi to learn and improve her skills!

    What kind of session did you have?
    Hands-FreeTraditional Thai Full-BodyCoaching the Body Focused Area

    If you had a CTB session, What is the issue you asked Heidi to work with?
    [checkbox checkbox-529 "head/neck/face" "shoulder" "forearm/hand" "mid-back/chest/abdomen" "low-back/gluteal" "hip/thigh/knee" "lower-leg/foot”]

    Do you feel that Heidi adequately addressed your issue? yesno

    Please rate the pain level or other sensation you came in with on a scale of 1-10?

    What is your pain/other sensation level now?

    Would you book another session with Heidi? yesno
    [text text-859 placeholder "Why or why not?”]