Heidi the Artist


We all have stories; good ones & bad ones...
The question is, when will we stop letting those stories define us?
When will we stop living in the past and future, letting fear kill creation?
When do we wake up and make the change to be the dreams that live inside us?
When do we rise up --- take control --- believe in ourselves and become the beings God created us to be?

oh... the time is now!!!


Heidi the Art Teacher
Since 2013 I have been blessed with teaching the talented art program in Terrebonne Parish public schools. This soul-satisfying part-time job with no benefits is the best, but I have to pay rent so I had to do something else! This amazing universe led me to bodywork, which healed my body, and left me doing everything I’ve been dreaming of. Wherever I go I will always teach art, I love teaching and inspiring humans to create from within. Contact me if you or a child is interested in The Terrebonne Parish Talented Art Program. They started this program the year I graduated high school in 1996. The other talented art teacher was actually my high school art teacher. It’s so cool to work with him. I wonder all the time where I would be if I got to take talented art in elementary, middle, and high school. I love all my students, it’s been amazing to teach, preach positivity, health, and creativeness, and watch them grow each year in all aspects of their lives. So proud of my students for keepin’ on, pushing & exploring boundaries, and finishing projects! Still looking for images of student artwork...enjoy!
Heidi the Graphic Designer
Computers intrigued me back in 1995 when I got my first one. By 1999 I had a graphic design degree and worked in publishing for several years. I did not love sitting behind a computer all day working 8-16 hour work days. It wrecked my body. So in the end of 2003, i decided to get in the art studios at Nicholls State University and find some freedom. I also got a job at the newspaper and yearbook as the senior graphic designer at Nicholls.

I do graphic design stuff every now and then. I do enjoy it every now and then. I use the computer for everything. I really like making logos.

Find some Freedom

Shake your head with leather feathers!

Adorn your Beautiful Self with Earrings of Stitched Colors, Minerals, Leather & Feathers!

Honestly I love to make the perfect pair of earrings for my friends unique to their style and body elements. So if you would like your own personal pair, please fill out the customize my earrings form!

Learn to Create


20 hour weekend workshop where we dive into a medium, learn and create a beautiful work of Art.

Theory, process, design, production into completion!

Student will leave with the knowledge, supply list, and know how to create more.