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My Story...

Well I was always a little out there. My mom said that I would always do crafty and art projects my own way different than others and I would never follow the teacher’s instruction. HA! Maybe that’s why to this day I can’t stand art classes that you have to paint and draw like the teacher does. I did art projects at bible camps, Sunday school, girl scouts, and with my mom. My mom also bought me a sewing machine when I was 6 and we would sew side by side. When I did Elementary school art contest, I would always win first! The only real art instruction I had was when I was 8 years old and took an oil painting class. After my first class the teacher was blown away about what I created, she pulled my mom to the side and said that I had a real gift for art, that what I created in that picture and how I used the paint, it takes students years to accomplish that technique. I was only able to take a few oil painting classes until my dad got electrocuted. He totally died and went to Heaven, was dead for 22 minutes and was a total miracle! That was it for art till 11th grade in High school when I took multimedia and took a high school art class, which brought so much love to my life. Sadly softball and volleyball always trumped my art elective. My senior year I was the photographer for the newspaper and yearbook and also inherited my PawPaw’s darkroom and medium format camera. I had some fun with that. I also finally said screw these mean girls and became who I was meant to be. I hid my talents most of my life because they made me so different. I saw the world different. I saw something in everything. I saw the beauty everywhere I looked. It’s been tough to navigate. There’s a lot of jealousy being so talented, it’s confusing to decide on the one thing to focus on, it’s lonely, but I’m 40 years old now and I’m saying screw it all over again. I LOVE BEING REAL, HONEST, CREATIVE, and a BUILDER! After high school I got a graphic design degree and worked in publishing, laying out magazines in New Orleans. I also took art classes at Delgado and UNO. After years of that I decided I wanted to be free and not stuck behind a computer all day, so in 2003 I started on a BA in Art from Nicholls. Actually I was like, ahhhhhhh, what am i gonna do? It was August and Nicholls said I couldn’t take any more art classes until I took English and math; which I was deathly afraid of, so I trashed the thought of college. Until December came and I received a pamphlet in the mail saying I could go to college for free and would get paid a monthly siphon because my dad had just received his 100% disability for his PTSD from Vietnam, but I had to enroll before I turned 25 years old which was three months away. So I took it as the sign I had been praying for. In college I was unstoppable, when I wasn’t studying I was in the studios making stuff, I was the leader of my art fraternity, graduated with the highest art award given even though my last year I struggled with migraines and being around chemicals: Tis the reason my studio & life is toxic free! I was the senior graphic designer for the newspaper and yearbook while I was in college, and I taught art classes for the Houma Regional Art Council. It was such a beautiful journey, I miss Nicholls so much, those art studios are a treasure, and I try to visit at least once a year. I moved to the Bywater Art Lofts in New Orleans in 2007 and played a big role in the Colton Project where about 100 artists took over a post-Katrina school in the Bywater. We fixed it up and changed the world. We hosted after school art classes for the 9th Ward kids, bused in kids from all over to have an art day, and had many art openings. We would have really changed the city with that place, it was like a dream, so amazing, and then they kicked us out and rebuilt it. It’s a nice charter school now. I was in many group shows and had a couple of solo shows on Julia St. at the Canary Gallery. Life was great. Then in 2009 I got pregnant, was totally alone, crazy, poor, my world just fell apart, but I had this incredible life growing inside me that saved me who I call Luca, Bringer of my Light. My body was not ready to carry a child. I struggled with a lot of migraines, depression, neck and back pain. It’s taken about 8 years to let go of the emotional and physical pain and get my life and art back together. But you know what, I’m coming back hard and all those dreams I had and all those things I ever wanted, I am making them happen now. The past is the past, whatever, make every second count now! I was stuck for such a long time. Ugh, it has strengthened me and has made me who I am inside and out. I am grateful for all of it. I named my business Freedom because Freedom is what I have sought out after since I was 18 years old and now I have finally arrived. It feels great and I can’t wait to inspire the world to find it. My ultimate vision has always been to have an artist residency program for artists who struggle with addictions, pain, confusion, and abuse. I want to teach them how to live a healthy artist life through diet, meditation, gardening, cooking, dancing, yoga, group therapy, and God; while have them teach community art classes in our amazing studios. What’s awesome is that I had this dream that I had an art box on wheels and I would go to the different parts of the cites, rich and poor, and call out people from their houses, young and old, and create art with them. Then my cousin Massie gave me a journal a week later and I made her write something to me in there and she literally wrote my dream and in her version of if Heidi was a piece of Art, the art box had spinning lights and we all danced. I just feel like that’s God right there doing his confirmation thing. So I’m pumped and so grateful for this life on this beautiful planet. God Bless us all and everyone who steps in our Light! Dream Big! 

Heidi the Art Teacher
Since 2013 I have been blessed with teaching the talented art program in Terrebonne Parish public schools. This soul-satisfying part-time job with no benefits is the best, but I have to pay rent so I had to do something else! This amazing universe led me to bodywork, in which healed my body, and I’m finally doing everything I’ve been dreaming of. Wherever I go I will always teach art, I love teaching and inspiring humans to create from within. Contact me if you or a child is interested in The Terrebonne Parish Talented Art Program. They started this program the year I graduated high school in 1996. The other talented art teacher was actually my high school art teacher. It’s so cool to work with him. I wonder all the time where I would be if I got to take talented art in elementary, middle, and high school. I love all my students, it’s been amazing to teach, preach positivity, health, and creativeness, and watch them grow each year in all aspects of their lives. This job will be really hard to leave. Hey students, So I’m not sure if I found everything but if your artwork is not here - email it to me and Ill put it. So proud of you guys for keepin’ on, pushing & exploring boundaries, and finishing projects! Here’s my student’s work!
Find some Freedom

Shake your head with leather feathers!

Adorn your Beautiful Self with Earrings of Stitched Colors, Minerals, Leather & Feathers!

Honestly I love to make the perfect pair of earrings for my friends unique to their style and body elements. So if you would like your own personal pair, please fill out the customize my earrings form!

You will love Washing your Hands with these Works of Art

Outer Space Geode Soap

I seriously enjoy washing my hands now. It's quite a magnetic experience!
Made with Organic Glycerine, herbs, flowers, essential oils & glitter!
Abby Roccaforte

I only let Heidi work on one side and boy do I regret it cause my pain on that side went away but not on the other side...

Abby Roccaforte, Graphic Designer
Alexis Adams

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thank you!

Glen Welch

Thank you so very, very much!!!I was in pain in my neck, right shoulder, and back for three whole months.I feel so much better. Thank You!!!

Heidi Loves Teaching Art!

Weekend ART Warrior Workshops

The plan is to have a 20 hour weekend workshop where we dive into a medium and create a beautiful work of Art.  Theory, process, design, production into completion!

Weekend Art Warrior FormWeekend Art Warrior Form

Arttastic Geniuses

Heidi plans on having a after school Art Program when she leaves TPSD once her business is off the ground runnin’… Please fill out this form if you are interested. Students will have to be very dedicated, show a portfolio, and take a test to get in. There will be a limited number of students and will meet once a week for two hours. 

Arttastic Genius FormArttastic Genius Form