My Story…

I received tons of care from massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractics, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, othrodontists, pain doctors, acupuncturists, and any of all holistic approaches I could find to help relieve my pain.


My neck and back pain originated from car accidents at the ages of 18 and 20 and i had migraines from the age of 10 after falling on my shoulder off a horse. My body never processed pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods, or alcohol and I had quite an addiction for dairy, gluten & sugar, I was always nauseous, tired, and headachy — allergic to something. I blame the endless script to the pink stuff…

Great Teachers & Raw Food

I thank God for Jeff & Brian, two young — fresh — out of school chiropractors that I spent the summer with in New Orleans when i was about 21. They taught me how to get off drugs, drink plenty of water, be healthy, eat organic RAW fruits & veggies all the time, do cleanses, and exercise. The first time moving back to Houma was very hard and I struggled to live that way because everyone thought i was crazy for not cooking my food, not eating meat, saying no sugar, dairy, or gluten. It’s hard not to give in when everyone around you is making the most yummiest processed, sugar induced foods. One of my fondest memeories growing up is sitting with my pawpaw dipping bananas and Evangeline bread into a can of condensed milk; which was a common staple in their home. The second time I moved back to Houma, 8 years later, was a little easier. By that time most of everyone had someone who was sick and they were trying to eat a little better. To this day folks think I’m a bit extreme, but I know whats good for my body and I choose that over sickness, pharmacutical drugs, cancer, and judgement. I truly believe we can heal our bodies if we consume what God intended for them, Fruits and Vegetables. The ones who have cancer now and are choosing to eat clean and detoxify instead of taking chemo now understand the way I live. My prayer for the world would be that everyone would get clean before they get sick.

I love EDEN Energy Medicine!

I learned how to muscle test food, herbs, medicine, and everything before putting it in, on or around my body. Alison taught me how to combat my allergies when they strike. Working with Alison has been amazing, she has been studying with Donna Eden for 10+ years.  This is an amazing way to figure out which organs in your body are causing the issues.  It’s amazing work!!!

Nutrigenomics saved me

2016 was the year I got rid of my migraines with the help of Dr. Amy Yasko’s theory & book on Nutrigenomics (DNA-gene mutations). From what I gather my migraines started after i fell off a horse and landed on my shoulder/collar bone area when I was 10, then after getting into 5 wrecks the migraines got worse I went from 100% heidi to 80% to 40% and then after having Luca I think I was running on 10% Heidi. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. It was really hard to function.

My summary of Dr. Yasko’s theory is that once the body goes through trauma, if you have any gene mutations, they will block the pathways on the methylation cycle. If these pathways get blocked then you decrease as a fully functioning human being. More trauma = more blocks.

Before I found her products, I was using another brand and my migraines had lessened slightly, but after I used Dr. Yasko’s products my migraines went away in two weeks. I still had hormonal migraines 3 days before my cycle, but after 6 months, those went away too. I was much happier, more able to clean my house, and think clear. This is when I decided I could go back to school.

Oh and if you are thinking why didn’t she go to doctors? Well I did, all sorts, they gave me many drugs to try. It was like a guessing game, some of the drugs smelled like poison, and they made me sick with side effects galore! I just always knew deep within my core there was a better way, a way God intended us to heal. I have seen it so much over and over, you start with one drug, then a year later you have to take another because that one drug triggered something else, then a year later another drug. Before you know it you are taking a bunch. But the honest truth is all you have to do is change your diet, take some supplements your body needs, eat clean, and exercise and you can heal yourself. And of course get bodywork to get out of pain! But it takes work & self-control & money because the holistic healing ways are not covered by insurances. But in the end it’s worth it.

My bodywork journey

In 2015, I attended a Thai Bodywork Level One training at Wild Lotus in New Orleans in which i fell in love with but was not practicing. In 2016, I was at cross fit houma and my friends shoulder was hurting so I worked on it, and then he convinced me to give him the whole body session. It was so awesome, we were both blown away and he convinced me I needed to do that and I always loved massage so…

I took a leap of faith in 2017 and started a massage program at LA Institute of Massage Therapy in Lake Charles to become a LMT in Louisiana (LA8905). During the same time I also studied and continue to study at the Coaching the Body (CTB) Institute in Chicago, IL. My teacher, Chuck Duff developed his own technique that took everything I loved from all my beloved therapies and combined them together with protocols for each body area. The work blew my mind, it made so much sense, relieved my pain, and gave me purpose.

My 3rd class was in July, I had a CTB shoulder session with my teacher that took my pain away for three months that I’d been having for 11 years. My 7th class was CTB Low Back in December. After spending all weekend barely being able to stand up and lay down, I was chosen to be the practice body for the students. The pain charts show my pains through out the year.

After 3 hours of bodywork, I popped up and was able to move like that guy on the matrix; I felt such joy and extreme freedom in my body that I only had felt floating in water.

I was hooked on my 3rd class but on my 7th class is when I decided to dedicate my life to helping people get out of pain without the use of surgery and pharmaceutical drugs, in which I have always been against.

For 20 years I went back and forth, working out then injuring myself. I have finally come to a place where I found the exercise I love and thats so beneficial for my body, and a self-care routine that keeps me feeling great!

Coaching the body is awesome!

I am so grateful to finally be at this point to share this work with people that have lost hope in feeling good.

I’ve been there, I know pain, the sadness, and destruction that comes with it.

Let’s work together & find your roots to get you healthy!

Heidi Domangue